Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week 52

Week 48: 208.4
Week 49: 208.2
Week 50: 204.6
Week 51: 206.2
Week 52: 206.2

Week 1: 247.6
Week 52: 206.2

Total loss: 41.4 pounds

I was doing well in my goal to lose 52 in 52 weeks, but the past 3 months have been more difficult. You can see that my weeks in December amounted to a 2.2 pound loss.

I may not have made my goal but I'm very pleased with having lost 41 pounds. Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of me on January 1, 2009 and January 1, 2010.

A year ago today I weighed 249.6

Some history:
January 2002: 199.5
December 2002: 221.5 (last weight recorded) gained 22 pounds

January 2003: 221
December 2003: 215 lost 6 pounds

January 2004: 215
December 2004: 235.25 gained 20.25

January 2005: 234.25
December 2005: 257.25 gained 23 pounds (are you seeing a horrible trend here?)

January 2006: 252
December 2006: 253.75 gained 1.75 pounds (I didn't record many weights that month)

May 2007: 269.5 (I didn't record any of my weights until May. Can you see why?)
December 2007: 264 lost 5.5 pounds

January 2008: 266.25
December 2008: 249.6 lost 16.6 pounds

January 2009: 247.6
December 2009: 206.2 lost 41.4

I need to lose 7 more pounds to be where I started 2002.

Over these years I gained 67 pounds, and have lost 69.6.
Talk about YO-YO-YO!
Over and out

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Week 51--Merry Christmas

I do not have good news to report. My dad had open heart surgery, I had to spend several nights staying with my mom at the assisted living facility, sleeping in a recliner, listening to her cry out many times a night that she had to go to the bathroom, eating desserts, no exercise, being slothful, being stressed out, being stupid.

Week 50: 204.6
Week 51: 206.2 I gained 1.6 pounds from last Thursday.

Week 1 was 247.6, today 206.2 equals total loss of 41.6 pounds. I know....I know...that is something to be pleased about, but it isn't the 51 pounds I was hoping for by this time.

A year ago today I weighed 252.8. A loss of 46.6 pounds.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week 50

Week 50 was probably the most stressful week I've had all of 2009.

My husband took my dad to Portland, OR on Wednesday Dec. 9--just over 3 hours away from our home in Hermiston. On Dec. 10 dad had open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. Dad had asked me to stay with my mom throughout the day, administer her meds at 9:30 and let the staff at the assisted living facility put her to bed, then go home. So on Wednesday that is what I did. Thursday morning I got a phone call from the nurse. My mom had slid out of bed twice onto the floor and it takes 3 caregivers to pick her up. "Someone has to be there 24 hours a day." I was told. These were not words I wanted to hear. So for the next 6 out of 7 nights (my husband took over one of the nights) I slept in a recliner outside the bedroom. Five or six times per night she was calling for me or for my dad to help her to go to the bathroom. I was told to not lift her due to not being my parents are paying for the help. They were pretty horrible nights and by the final night my stress level was so high that my blood pressure was just about off the charts.

For one week I got virtually no exercise. I ate the meals that would have been my dads and the portions were smaller. Many nights I went to "bed" hungry and felt that way during the night whenever I was awake. But I don't eat during the night so I just lived with it.

On Week 49 I weighed 203.2.
On Week 50 I weigh 204.6 a gain of 1.4 pounds. I think I can attribute it in part to lack of exercise, plus I did eat the desserts at the meals.

One year ago I weighed 250.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 49

Week 1: 247.6
Week 48: 208.4
Week 49: 203.2 Loss of 5.2 since last week. Bye bye vacation weight.

One year ago I weighed 251.

As of today I have lost 44.6 pounds and it is week 49. As I've said in previous weeks I don't think it is possible to reach 52 lost by Week 52. But I'll definitely weigh a whole lot less then on January 1.

I'm pleased.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 47 and Week 48 and December report

Hello faithful followers--few though you may be. I do not have good news to report, but all is not lost, just temporarily behind.

Week 46: 205.6
Week 47: 206.8
Week 48: 208.4

This proves to me without any doubt that I must continue to log my food eaten on the CalorieKing site. I cannot guess about amounts. I cannot discriminately eat desserts. While at our son's house I ate for the most part very healthy food (except for the desserts on Thanksgiving and the day or two after for which I can blame NO ONE but myself!!) I did loads of walking on the hilly roads by Nolan's house. If I hadn't exercised I would hate to see what I'd have gained.

November 1 weigh-in: 210.6
December 1 weigh-in: 206.2

Unfortunately you can see that I went up after Dec. 1. I do today weigh 44 pounds less than I did a year ago. At this time a year ago I'd been on CalorieKing for 2 months.

Next week it is my goal to report that I weigh 204.