Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

One month into the new year and I have not done so well. On January 2 my mother passed away and although that was mildly stressful I was holding my own diet wise until all the family arrived and I fixed big meals, and the kids brought in pizza, etc. We ate out for Mexican food twice. I did not make good choices.

I started the year at 204.4, spiked up to 211.4 on January 11, and ended the month at 204.6. So I show a net gain of .2 pounds for the month.

The past few days have had some frustration in my life with issues here at home and I have handled it with food, unfortunately. So I am starting February at 205.8. I desperately want to be 200 by the end of this short month.

I have joined a gym where I am working out 6 days out of the week and so when I blow it by eating wrong things (like french fries yesterday) I get very frustrated with myself for basically wasting a week's worth of working out. So today I am back on track with logging my food on and I'll soon be leaving the house to head to the gym.

One year ago today I weighed 244.4 so today I weigh 38.6 pounds less than I did a year ago and 55.2 pounds less than when I started on calorieking.